TikTok Finally Put The McDonald's Fry Size Conspiracy To Rest

Whether on YouTube or TikTok, videos supporting the infamous McDonald's fry size myth usually start the same way. An influencer sits at a table with small, medium, and large packages of McDonald's fries in front of them. The small container is the only one, however, that's full of Micky D's famed crispy side. The user then proceeds to pour the small fries into the empty medium package, and low and behold, the small portion fills it to the top. Next, they move the fries from the medium to the large container and — wouldn't you know it? — it's still a perfect fit. As the video ends, the influencer makes a lot of shocked faces as they conclude that all McDonald's fries are the same size. But while this notorious McDonald's fry conspiracy began on the internet, it seems the internet has also finally put an end to it.

Yep, if you were one of this theory's naysayers, you can revel in that fact you were right. According to a TikTok video created by an employee of the "golden arches," if you buy a small, medium, or large order of McDonald's fries you will actually get the amount you paid for. Here's how the video proved it.

According to TikTok, McDonald's fries aren't all one size

"McDonald's isn't trying to fool anybody," reads the video's caption. In the TikTok, an employee in a McDonald's kitchen walks viewers through the different portions of fries that go into each package. The associate starts by dipping a small serving of the side into a medium box, pausing to show the camera that the small size doesn't fill the larger container even halfway. Then she doubles the small, turning it into a medium serving, before slipping the fries into a package meant for a large order. As one would expect, the medium-sized fries are too small for the bigger container.


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While the McDonald's employee proved their point with the video, many users in the comment section seemed to feel that the myth could still hold true, claiming that many associates don't completely fill up the different sizes. However, another TikToker also debunked this theory from the customer's POV. After buying a medium and small fries, they weighed the two different sizes and found that the medium portion weighed significantly more than the small. While they didn't test the large, and the amount of fries you get can sometimes varies, almost all signs point to the fact that if you buy a medium fries at McDonald's, you're not going to get the same amount of fries as a large. Which may make you wonder, how did so many people make it look like McDonald's fries are all the same size?

A little behind the scenes magic made this McDonald's fries myth

While no one but the influencers who filmed these videos can reveal the truth of how they tricked the world into believing this food myth, the commenters of the internet have their theories. Based on the comment section of a viral YouTube reel, one popular hypothesis is that these mythmakers adjusted the amount of fries in the small packages. As one user noted, McDonald's small size is essentially a paper bag and "can stretch out a bit," so sneaking extra fries into the package before pouring it into another size container wouldn't be hard.

Based on another popular reel, one other potential explanation is that the people behind these videos hid extra fries at the bottom of the seemingly empty Micky D's packages. That way, when they poured the small order into the larger sizes, it looked like the same amount of fries was filling the bigger packages equally. This theory has a lot of potential: as one user pointed out, the person in this reel, and most if not all videos vouching for the theory, never showed the bottoms of their allegedly empty fry packages. Either way, thanks to TikTok, we know that you won't be doing yourself any financial favors by buying a small package of McDonald's fries when you're hungry for a large.