12 Days of Cookies: Ambrosia Cookies

Allan Penn

It’s cookie season and people all around the world are baking, cutting, sprinkling, wrapping, and giving out all kinds of different cookies. To celebrate this festive time of the year and to bring you some new inspiration, we’re sharing 12 cookie recipes with you, one every day from now until Christmas Eve. These aren’t just any old cookie recipes, either — they’re recipes from cookie and history-enthusiast Anna Ginsberg and her cookbook The Daily Cookie, which is filled with 365 cookie recipes that honor and celebrate notable events throughout history. Along with giving you something new to bake in the kitchen, these 12 days of cookies give you a chance to win a copy of the book every day we share a recipe, so you’ll be able to enjoy a cookie recipe every day of the year, not just right before Christmas.  

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Today’s cookie is an Ambrosia cookie, because today, Dec. 12, is National Ambrosia Day. Ambrosia is said to be the food of the gods, a meal that would guarantee everlasting youth, but in recent times it has been characterized as a classic Southern dish made up of coconut, mandarin oranges, marshmallows, pineapple, nuts, and whipping cream. Ginsberg’s grandmother was known to serve it at pretty much every meal except breakfast, and hers had a few creative twists. These cookies' combination of lemon, coconut, and pineapple is reason enough to make them, even if they don't give you everlasting youth. 

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