Reddit Says Aldi's Cauliflower Pizza Is Better Than Most Restaurants

Substituting regular pizza crust for a cauliflower one is a divisive subject. Some people might always opt for the traditional, reliable, handspun pizza dough, and that's ok. In fact, most cauliflower dough will carry the slight aftertaste of the vegetable it is made of and that can turn some off. For others, cauliflower crust doesn't offer the same crunch as the traditional version, mainly because it lacks gluten, which typically holds the dish together (via SELF).

But in some people's eyes, cauliflower crust reigns supreme. A quarter of participants in a Mashed survey stated that cauliflower is best used in pizza crust, likely because it packs in extra fiber and has lower carbohydrates than the original version (via Pizza Planet). And in recent years, nearly every major grocery store has put its own spin on the gluten-free crust alternative. But one Aldi shopper might have just shown that their supermarket has the best cauliflower pizza on the market.

Most Redditors agree that Aldi's cauliflower pizza is tops

Aldi customers are known for their outspokenness about their favorite products at the grocery store — and sharing their love for this cauliflower pizza is no exception. A Reddit thread regarding this topic quickly gained traction, with the OP stating, "The cheese cauliflower pizza from Aldi is easily one of the most slept on food items they beats out damn near most restaurants in my area!"

The OP attached an image of the pizza for emphasis and users were quick to jump on this thread. One wrote, "Bought this today bc of this post, was not disappointed!" Another commented, "Yeah their cauliflower pizzas are actually amazing!!" One shopper noted that "The crust is so crispy and not soggy or gummy."

Not only did most Redditors agree with the OP, but some also mentioned the bonus of Aldi's pricing, like one who exclaimed, "Half off at my Aldi!"

Of course, some people were compelled to express their preference for traditional pizza, most likely due to the texture of the crust. As stated before, because of its lack of gluten, cauliflower crust is susceptible to falling apart if not prepared correctly.