The One Food Ree Drummond Would Never Order Out

As someone who's known for sharing recipes for home cooked meals on her blog and Food Network show, "The Pioneer Woman," it's hard to imagine Ree Drummond as the type of person who eats out often. But, as the celebrity chef once shared on Instagram, she enjoys eating at her own restaurant, The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, and has also been known to have date nights with her husband, Ladd Drummond, at P-Town Pizza, a pizza joint they opened in 2018 (via People). 

Though her own restaurants may be her go-to, Drummond shared in an interview with Delish that when she dines out at other establishments, she tends to order menu items that she doesn't often make at home. She told Delish that sushi is her favorite food to order and that she also likes the queso from a drive-through restaurant called Fuego near her daughter's college. And, in an issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine (via Showbiz Cheatsheet), Drummond shared that she also loves the pasta with octopus and bone marrow at Marea in New York City. 

But there's one restaurant dish she actively avoids ordering that might surprise fans.

Ree Drummond never orders steak at restaurants

Ree Drummond famously lives on a cattle ranch, so it makes perfect sense that she cooks a lot of steak at home. In her book "The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels," Drummond revealed that it's her cattle rancher husband's all-time favorite food. Though Drummond loves steak too, she admitted to Delish that she usually only eats it at home. "The last thing I'd order is steak; It's one of my favorite dinners, but we cook it all the time," she told the publication.

Steak from a steakhouse is hard to beat but Drummond swears by her own cooking technique. As she shared in a post on The Pioneer Woman blog, she starts with a boneless rib-eye and seasons it with Lawry's Seasoned Salt and McCormick's lemon pepper seasoning salt. She then melts a fourth of a stick of butter on a hot grill pan, then sears the steak until it's cooked medium rare. The method is simple enough and Drummond claims it's so delicious that "If you cook it for yourself, you'll decide you don't need no stinkin' spouse."

You'll apparently never have to order it from a restaurant either.

Ree Drummond's steak recipe launched her cooking career

Most people know Ree Drummond for her cooking show, series of cookbooks, and line of cookware, but the truth is The Pioneer Woman brand didn't always revolve around food. Back in 2006 when she first started her blog, The New Yorker reports that Drummond treated The Pioneer Woman like a personal diary, chronicling her life on the ranch. It wasn't until she posted "How to Cook a Steak" in 2007 that she changed the format to more of a cooking blog. "I can confirm that 'How to Cook a Steak' was my first cooking post ever," Drummond told Popsugar. "They enjoyed the step-by-step format, then started asking me to post more, and that's how my food blog began."

Since sharing her Lawry's, lemon pepper, and butter steak recipe, Drummond has come up with many more steak recipes, including one made with "cowboy butter" (via Food Network) and another baked in a sheet pan with bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions (via YouTube). 

With plenty of delicious steak recipes up her sleeve, it seems Drummond sees no point in ordering a steak at a restaurant.