23 Tips All Home Cooks Should Know

Simple tricks that can make a huge difference in the kitchen
Salting Food

Overcrowding the pan: what not to do when cooking.

Watching an experienced home cook prepare a meal can seem like an artful and well-executed performance: Stirring at just the right moment, removing roasting foods from the oven, and searing hot steaks to perfection without any stress, screams, or mishaps. (Though, mistakes will inevitably happen to even the best.)

For those who are inexperienced in the kitchen, cooking can seem a little intimidating because it might feel clumsy or awkward doing new things. But as any cook can tell you, mastering the kitchen just takes practice and being OK with making mistakes — what’s the worst that can happen?

While we can’t provide you with practice or help you avoid all mistakes, we can offer some tips that might make it easier for you. Like never refrigerate your tomatoes. Ever. (Makes them mealy and flavorless.) 

For both advanced and novice home cooks alike, these are 23 tricks that can make a big difference in the kitchen. Check out this slideshow of 23 Tips All Home Cooks Should Know and please share any that we might have left off for your fellow home cooks.