11 Low-Proof Cocktails You Have to Try

Take it easy with these light but tasty cocktails

Boozy Cocktails you need to try.

Everyone loves a good margarita or Manhattan. But after two or three, it can be a little difficult to stand up straight. There has to be a way to drink all day (or all night) without getting too intoxicated, right? That’s where the low-proof cocktail — a day drinker’s best friend — comes in. These eleven cocktails will have your blood-alcohol level thanking you. 

11 Low-Proof Cocktails You Have to Try (Slideshow)


This Italian classic is ideal for anyone looking for a drink made without hard liquor. A combination of Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda, this fizzy drink is refreshing and complex.


If the Americano is the father of all low-proof cocktails, the mimosa is the matriarch. Consisting of just orange juice and sparkling wine, this brunch staple is so easy to make (and easy to drink), it may be hard to stop yourself at one.

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