110-Year-Old Lobster Rescued from Restaurant

Larry the Lobster gets to live another day
Lobsters at a market in Barcelona

Wikimedia/Andy Mitchell

Larry the 110-year-old lobster weighed 15 pounds and was destined for the plate in a Florida restaurant, but now he gets to live.

Larry the 110-year-old lobster will get to live for another day after being rescued this week from a Florida restaurant by kind-hearted animal advocates and sent to live in an aquarium.

According to Local 10 News, the 15-pound lobster was set for a plate at the Tin Fish restaurant in Florida, where owner Joe Melluso estimated that the creature was about 110 years old. But after he wrote about the lobster on Facebook, some would-be rescuers took up a collection to buy Larry and spare his life instead of eating him.

"When there was a group that wanted to save him, I was disappointed in myself for not having that feeling myself," Melluso said.

The rescuers took up a collection among friends and local businesses and got together $300 to buy Larry from Melluso. Then they made arrangements and paid for Larry to be mailed to the Maine State Aquarium.

The Maine State Aquarium already has a 17-pound lobster on display, so Larry would not be the big man at the aquarium, if the facility decides to keep him and add him to the display. After checking on Larry’s health, the aquarium says it will decide if they want to keep Larry or release him back into the ocean, where he will hopefully avoid other lobster traps in the future.

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