100 Brides Reveal Regrets About Their Big Day

Newlywed brides talk about what they would have done differently and what to avoid

Wine glass after wine glass...

The cake, flowers, the decorations, the guest list, hair, makeup, food, the dress — an incessant amount of thought and over-thinking goes into the wedding plan of any bride’s dreams. With myriad wedding details to nitpick and perfect, the margin for error, naturally, is quite defining. There is bound to be some eventual regret, whether it is a fiscal or registry-related one.

Every bride thinks she's alone when the dreaded "I should have…" notion keeps her awake and turning in her sleep at night. Luckily, New York magazine surveyed 100 newlywed brides about all of their planning details, registry qualms, and budgeting slip-ups for you to circumvent when planning your big day!

Spending, and a lot of it, is unavoidable when planning the wedding of your dreams. However, not all spending is exactly necessary. Seventeen percent of brides regret splurging on flowers, while 21 percent of brides wish they had spent more on photos/video. Sixty-six percent of brides returned zero to five registry gifts, while 34 percent of brides returned six to 10 gifts — many of the returned gifts being blenders, wine glasses, platters, and formal china, a bride commenting, "Who can keep 36 wine glasses in an NYC apartment?"


With tons of new wedding ideas on the Web, in magazines, and on TV, wed brides everywhere, conscious or not, all have an "I should have..." wedding regret.  As a newly-engaged bride-to-be, take comfort in knowing just how many brides have re-thought a lot of their wedding decisions and use what they have to say in planning the perfect and most satisfying wedding possible!