Kids Know Alcohol Brands Better Than Cake

According to the Alcohol Concern survey, twice as many kids know alcoholic brands than cake brands

Well, this is scary stuff: A U.K. study found that kids as young as 10 are more familiar with alcohol brands than snack brands.

The Alcohol Concern survey found that twice as many kids recognized Carlsberg (for beer) than Mr. Kipling (for cake).

Of course, this is coming from a group trying to get the U.K. to regulate alcohol advertising, but still. The research found that 79 percent recognized Carlsberg as alcoholic, whereas 74 percent knew Ben & Jerry's for ice cream, and 41 percent knew Mr. Kipling for food.

Furthermore, nearly 80 percent recognized the Smirnoff vodka label for what it was.

Do you think alcoholic advertisements should be regulated? In the United States, there are certain regulations in place, but even today, the Chicago Transportation Authority just announced they will allow liquor, wine, and beer ads at 'L' train stations