9 Unhealthy Drinks to Avoid at the Supermarket

Get ready to rethink what you drink

For any good, diet-abiding citizen, a simple trip to the supermarket or convenience store can easily feel like a tap dance across a minefield of temptations — having to narrowly skirt well-concealed calorie-bombs at nearly every turn.

Areas like the frozen foods aisle and the chips and cookies shelves are obvious danger zones for the health-conscious shopper, but be careful not to overlook the potential diet pitfalls sitting in those beverage-stocked cold cases. From juices and iced teas to flavored milks and protein shakes, drinks can often be like the evil ninja warriors of dieting.

Oftentimes, many of those drinks we are led to believe are "healthy" (thanks, in large part, to shrewd marketing), are actually quite the opposite.

Just because drinking tea can be good for your health doesn't mean that bottle of calorie- and sugar-packed iced tea is. And don't think that you're doing yourself too much of a favor by picking up that "low-fat" chocolate milk — check out the nutrition facts on the back and find that it has nearly as many calories and not that many less grams of fat as the full-fat version.

So, as we approach that time of the year to make diet-improving resolutions, you might want to consider keeping these drinks out of your shopping cart.

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