10 Tips for Traveling With Picky Kids

Eating well and traveling with your kids don’t have to be mutually exclusive

You have two passions: food and travel, but how do these work with kids? With the same trailblazing spirit that you circumvented the globe and sampled new dishes in your former life, share these passions with your kids.

Forget Disneyland, where child-friendly corn dogs and pineapple Dole Whip are around the corner from every Mickey and Minnie encounter and instead, try taking the family to a locale like the South of France. If the thought of spending two weeks in the Mediterranean on a diet of frites and apple juice when local markets and beachside bistros are just a baguette’s length away seems like a challenge you’d rather not take, fret not food-lovers! With a sprinkle of sea salt and a splash of extra virgin olive oil (and tips like signing up for cooking classes and getting creative while ordering), your love for food, travel, and your kids can work together like the locally sourced ingredients in a French cassoulet.

Besides, you could always pop up to Euro Disney for a day. Here's how to indulge your inner gastronome while with traveling with kids… Bon Appetit! 

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