10 Tips for Bringing a Date to Thanksgiving Dinner

You'll need them, we're sure of it

Take a cue from these tips on how to survive a holiday with a date.

Thanksgiving is a romantic holiday. Past the football frenzy and the gluttony, at its core, Thanksgiving is dedicated to the rare moment we take to pause and appreciate those we love. And when you have someone new and special in your life to give thanks for, you feel like you are waving the baton at the lead of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

You'll get through Thanksgiving with a date if you follow these rules!

Say, in your state of lightheaded happiness, you boldly ask your new honey to celebrate Turkey Day with your family and to your delight, they fervently agree. You reminisce about the glory of Thanksgivings past when your face suddenly drains of color — you remember that this holiday also means your dad and older brother fighting over who gets to carve the turkey, your mother whipping out baby pictures and Uncle Bob, who always has a little too much to drink, telling that story about the time you wet your pants at the zoo.

Before you start thinking up excuses to un-invite your new partner, take a deep breath. Thanksgiving is a fine time to introduce loved ones to your family and can be painless with a few tips and tricks in mind.

In hopes of making your holiday a smooth one, we turned to Dawn Burke Sena, etiquette coach and founder of Social Solutions, Inc. in Philadelphia, for some tips and tricks for bringing a date to Thanksgiving dinner.


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