10 Times People Made Clothes Out of Food

Why eat it when you can wear it? (Asked no one, ever)

While both of these are edible, we wouldn't advise eating them.

There’s an odd underbelly of both the fashion and culinary worlds, and it’s one that has been mystifying and intriguing people for years: the fine art of taking a pile of food and ending up with something that you can wear. It’s not just some random novelty, either: people make clothes out of food, and they take it pretty seriously. From slippers made out of loaves of bread to a gown made entirely out of cupcakes to an infamous dress made entirely out of meat, we’ve tracked down 10 times people made clothes out of food.

10 Times People Made Clothes Out of Food (Slideshow)

So why would anyone in their right mind want to create, let alone wear, clothes made out of food? It’s a completely wacko thing to do, for one, so there’s that. But there’s also a deeper artistic reason, according to this analysis of photographer Sung Yeonju’s edible clothing creations: "This body of work is her version of the made-up reality, which destroys the core meaning of clothing, which is the ability to be worn," it reads. "This series of her work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, functionality, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives. The essence of clothing and food has been reinterpreted."

While that’s certainly rather highfalutin, it hits the nail more or less on the head: making clothes out of food makes everything topsy-turvy and changes the definition of both. It’s fascinating to see the most pedestrian of objects — clothes and food — be completely reimagined, and it changes our way of thinking about both. Except for edible underwear. That’s just bizarre, and it tastes disgusting.

But enough about the artistic aspect of it. At the end of the day, it’s just incredibly cool to see clothes made out of food, and to marvel at the fact that somebody was able to take, say, a pile of steaks, a whole lot of shrimp, or a bunch of cream puffs and turn it into actual clothing. And while nobody really expects these clothes to be worn (some are wearable; some, like Yeonju’s, aren’t), the amount of sheer creativity that goes into every one of these creations is mind-boggling.


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