10 Things You Should Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Suggestions for unique, useful things to bring to a hosts’ home on Thanksgiving (besides flowers and wine)
Thanksgiving Gifts


If you are a guest this Thanksgiving, try bringing these handy gifts for your host.

After years of hosting Thanksgiving  at your house, you are finally off the hook. Don’t get us wrong, we love planning Thanksgiving dinners more than the average folk, but every now and then it is nice to be the guest and not the host. This year, someone else can stress about making the perfect turkey and the not burning the pumpkin pie — all you need to do is show up, right?

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Well, not exactly. While you may be eager to pass the buck this holiday, if you ever received any help over the years, you know how appreciated it was. Manners dictate that no matter how much the host insists, you should never show up to a holiday party empty-handed. After all, this new host is taking a huge weight off  your shoulders. The least you can do is bring something useful.

Useful can be an ambiguous term. Of course you can always bring a dish, but most likely since your host has been planning this meal for quite some time, they have the food covered. Everyone does dessert, but who needs another pumpkin pie? And after a while, even wine and flowers seem trite.

The good news is you probably have more useful Thanksgiving items in your house than you realize. Just think, wouldn’t it have been great if someone just brought a game for the kids to play or a football for your uncles to toss? As you get ready to relax this year, think about bringing some of these useful items to Thanksgiving dinner.


This article was originally published on September 19, 2013.