10 Things Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat

Everyday foods might pose dangers
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Say farewell to bacon and runny eggs.

If you are pregnant, a trip to the grocery store or a restaurant can pose some real challenges. Foods that you never thought twice about eating before are suddenly off-limits, and plenty of foods that never were a problem are now considered "risky." To help you navigate this potential minefield, we’ve gathered together 10 foods that pregnant women shouldn’t eat.

10 Things Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat (Slideshow)

For pregnant women, certain foods pose more of a risk than others. Raw foods, for example, can easily become contaminated (due to the simple fact that they’re not cooked) with bacteria and viruses. And hot dogs and cold cuts can contain the listeria virus, while many types of fish can contain high levels of mercury.


Foods that are usually considered healthy staples may take on a much more sinister role during pregnancy. Experts advise sticking to a diet that’s rich in lean meats, well-washed fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and other legumes, and low-fat dairy while you’re expecting. And while it’s easy to control, say, the cleanliness of the lettuce in your salad when you’re preparing it for yourself, if you’re at a restaurant it can be far trickier to know if what you’re getting is completely clean. So read on to learn about 10 foods pregnant women shouldn’t order, and why.