7 Summer Foods to Freeze Now

Incorporate your favorite summer produce into your Thanksgiving dinner with these easy freezer storage tips

You can enjoy summer fruits and vegetables well into the fall and winter by properly freezing your favorite produce.

We’ve all been there: as the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to change, we find ourselves yearning for the fresh, vibrant flavors of summer.

But why should we have to give up our favorite summer foods after the season is over?Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean you can’t still bask in its food. A great way to add the sweet flavors of summer into your fall meals is to gather your favorite summer produce now, while they’re still fresh and in season, and freeze them until your next autumn gathering. What could make your Thanksgiving meal better than desserts filled with tart cherries and appetizers that feature juicy tomatoes? 

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Even if you’re adamant about not buying foods out of season, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the convenience of enjoying your favorite foods right out of your freezer all year round. Freezing your produce can be a better alternative to buying fruits and vegetables out of season from your grocery store. Though certain frozen foods can be more convenient and sometimes healthier for you, often buying these products can take a toll on the environment, your wallet, and the food’s flavor quality.

If prepared and stored properly, your favorite summer fruits and vegetables, like cherries, beets, rhubarb, and figs, can survive in the freezer until the weather cools down.  Because certain foods require specific storing instructions to avoid losing their texture, flavor, or nutrient content while in the freezer, we’re here to help you freeze your summer produce seamlessly.

Here, we include tips on how to store ten popular summer foods in the freezer.  For summer fruit lovers, for example, we’ve included instructions on how to freeze the summer’s best cherries and apricots and incorporate them into a fall or winter meal—Thanksgiving dinner, for example.

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Once you decide on what you’re going to freeze, you’ll have to choose what to make with them. To give you a hand, we’ve paired our ten summer foods with recipes that make up a perfect fall menu. All you have to do now is turn your freezer to zero degrees Fahrenheit and get ready to start savoring summer all year round.