10 Restaurants That Serve Only 1 Thing

Better to do 1 thing right than a lot of things poorly

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Manhattan’s The Meatball Shop sells nothing but meatballs, in a handful of varieties and applications.

In the past couple of years, restaurants have popped up all over the country that do one thing, and do it very, very well. In many cases, these are small eateries, serving well-executed versions of classic comfort fare to a cultishly devoted crowd. We’ve rounded up 10 of these cutting-edge restaurants that are worth seeking out.

10 Restaurants That Serve Only 1 Thing (Slideshow)

When you think about it, restaurants that serve just one dish are nothing new. Look at pizzerias, for example, or Asian dumpling shops. Or ice cream parlors, for that matter. What is new, however, is a crop of chefs, who usually have professional training and fine-dining backgrounds, setting out to create the perfect version of a popular food, then unleashing it upon the masses. From meatballs to biscuits, no dish is safe.

So why are we so attracted to these single-minded restaurants? For one, we know what we’ll be getting, and we know that it’ll most likely be good. Second, they’re still a bit of a novelty, so by nature we’re inclined to check them out. Third, it’s usually a lot of fun to visit these places and see what all the fuss is about!

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So read on to discover 10 restaurants that serve only one thing, and do it very well.