10 Reasons Why Waffle House Is The Best Chain On Earth

There are few chains that inspire more loving devotion than Waffle House. Since the first location opened in Decatur, Ga. in 1955, about 1,700 more have opened in 25 states, and while there are plenty of imitators, nobody comes close to rocking a waffle quite like Waffle House. And even though it was certainly a bad move to force a waitress to return a $1,000 tip this week (the anonymous donor is wiring her the money instead), it's still in our good graces. Here are 10 reasons why it's the best restaurant chain on earth:

1)  They're Open 24/7
Some actually believe that Waffle House doors have no locks. They're there, they're just never used.

2) There's a Waffle House Food Truck
If you're in the Atlanta area, it'll even cater your party.

3) The All-Star Special
Eggs any style, toast, hash browns, grits, pancakes or waffles, and bacon, ham, or sausage? Oh, the delicious possibilities...

4) They Cater
"Any event, any size, any time."

5) Free hats!
Your childhood wasn't complete unless you got one of those free hats.

6) That Jukebox
To play "Waffle House Hashbrowns" or "Special Lady at the Waffle House" on the iconic jukebox? Decisions.

7) "Scattered, Smothered, and Covered"
With cheese, obviously.

8) The Merch
You know you want a shirt that says "Friends don't let friends eat pancakes."

9) Coffee!
Royal Cup has been the sole vendor since 1972. That coffee is solid.

10) It Accepts You, No Matter What
The Waffle House is always there for you, no matter how drunk, disheveled, or broke you are.