10 Reasons to Eat Colorful Foods

Spruce up your daily nutritional intake by opting for brightly colored foods


Take a look at the contents of your closet. Do you see a sea of dark colors? While black and tan clothes can be appealing, sometimes they are rather lifeless. We see bright colors in the stores, we can acknowledge their beauty, and yet we still tend to gravitate toward the dark side. Maybe it is easier, maybe it is more convenient, or maybe it is a quick fix. Whatever the reason, our attraction to darker colors sometimes overshadows the daring choice of fiery reds or scintillating yellows — especially in the winter. This general mindset even applies to food when it comes to the colors featured on your dinner plate.

Colors are always in style when it comes to sprucing up your diet. As a general rule of thumb, blandly colored foods indicate lesser nutritional value — just think of all of your dull-looking fast food. Colorful foods are more than just aesthetically pleasing; their pigments actually have some pretty powerful tendencies to help combat diseases and improve your life.

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Nutrient rich and loaded with vitamins, colorful foods have the power to help with weight loss, increase energy, and even help combat cancer. Including these wonder foods into your diet is not as much of a challenge as it seems. Try making a mixed fruit salsa as a healthy party appetizer or grilling up sweet summer fruit for an interesting twist. The importance of vegetables shouldn't go unnoticed either — attempt a spicy sweet roasted delight or follow these simple steps to improve the way you cook these vital foods.