10 Party Bets You'll Always Win

Check out this instructive video for winning (some food-related) bets at any house party

10 Bets You'll Never Lose

If you ever need a painless, foolproof way to make a quick buck, this video is for you.

Courtesy of Quirkology, this viral video of 10 foolproof bets you'll never lose will do wonders for your chances at your next houseparty, as you can trick your friends into giving you $20. Professor Richard Wiseman, a magician and psychologist, gives you 10 tricks to have up your sleeve to impress your friends, some easily performed at parties, others at bars.

In fact, these 10 tricks could easily be used as a drinking game, while you stay completely sober and your competitor gets completely trashed.  Watch to learn how to float a paper clip in water, grab a bill off a bottle with one finger, and transfer a mini tomato using just a brandy glass. These tricks all have incredibly easy solutions, but be warned: They'll probably only work once, so place your bets wisely.