10 Ornaments You’d Rather Eat

Our favorite foods, fit for hanging on the tree, that will make you hungry for more

The best thing about decorating the tree during the holidays is the ornaments. There is the one you made with dried pasta when you were three, spray-painted with gold paint. For soccer players, there is the black-and-white ball suspended from a string. Have a passion for pandas? We’re sure there is one on the tree somewhere showing that. And for food lovers? There are the ornaments shaped like delicious things like burgers and fries, and even champagne. All season long, they tease and tempt us, to the point where you just want to reach out and grab it off the branch. Hungry? 

To aid in the annual challenge of trimming the tree, and to help set the bar just a bit higher than last year, we’ve come up with a couple of our favorite ornaments that we’d rather eat or drink than hang on a branch. From savory treats like bacon to sweet treats like black-and-white cookies, macarons, and Sicilian cannoli, there is an ornament for every taste and craving. And as no holiday is complete without a little booze, add a tequila bottle to your tree, just for good measure. If only it was real...

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