The 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

Which of these countries have you been to?

According to the World Tourism Organization's annual report on international travel, more than 1 billion people traveled to another country somewhere in the world last year. We hate to break it to you, America, but you are not the most visited country in the world. Don’t worry, you’re not too far behind.

#10 Thailand

2013: 26.5 million arrivals
2012: 22.4 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/telmo32

Thailand has been luring tourists for ages now with its beautiful beaches, delicious street food, incredible temples and friendly culture.

#9 Russia
2013: 28.4 million arrivals
2012: 25.7 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/scarknee

Maybe it’s the vodka. Or the cool buildings. Or Putin. It could very well be a combination of all three things that make tourists flock to Russia. 


#8 United Kingdom
2013: 31.2 million arrivals
2012: 29.3 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/Pedro Ignacio Guridi

Oh, Big Ben. Tourists just love you, don’t they?

#7 Germany
2013: 31.5 million arrivals
2012: 30.4 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/Mariano Mantel

A country that’s filled with beer gardens is a country that most anyone would want to visit.

#6 Turkey
2013: 37.8 million arrivals
2012: 35.7 million arrivals

Photo: Flickr/MacPepper

Because Turkish delights in Turkey are worth the trip — and so is discovering one of the world’s most historic countries.

#5 Italy
2013: 47.7 million arrivals
2012: 46.4 million arrivals

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A country that lives by the saying la dolce vita, or “the sweet life,” and has gelato? Yes, please!

#4 China
2013: 55.7 million arrivals
2012: 57.7 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/Dennis Jarvis

The Great Wall is one thing that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

#3 Spain
2013: 60.7 million arrivals
2012: 57.5 million arrivals

Photo: Flickr/Miquel González Page

There’s something so playful about Spain. Maybe it’s the fact that dinner starts after 10 p.m.

#2 United States
2013: 69.8 million arrivals
2012: 66.7 million arrivals

Photo Credit: Flickr/Josh Liba

There you are, America. From sea to shining sea, you keep tourists busy.

#1 France
2012: 83 million arrivals
2013 numbers not finished yet

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Well, clearly the French are doing something right