10 Healthy Skillet Recipes

We've compiled a list of 10 healthy skillet recipes
10 Healthy Skillet Recipes

Strike while the iron is hot with these healthy skillet recipes.

In the kitchen, a great way to prepare a quick and nutritional meal is to combine a few of your favorite, healthy ingredients with your trusty cast-iron skillet. It’s not often that your cookware actually heightens the healthfulness of your meal, but in this case it does! Like a good wine, cast-iron gets better with age. As your skillet becomes more seasoned, it naturally becomes a non-stick pan, thus lessening the need for oil. Also, cast-iron doesn’t contain the chemicals that are present in the traditional “non-stick” pan. Reaching for the skillet in your cupboard is the first step to a healthy meal when preparing these ten easy recipes.

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As spring approaches, the options for seasonal vegetables multiply. Try skillet veggie and feta tacos for a meal that is not only low in fat, but also high in nutritional value. Filled with enriching vegetables like squash and bell peppers, this dish also contains feta, which is a great source of calcium. In addition, feta is a key player in the Mediterranean diet, which is known to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Another dish that encourages a healthy diet is poached wild salmon with skillet tomatoes. Salmon is a super-food, which is a type of food that raises energy and lowers the risk of heart disease. As if that wasn’t enough, salmon is rich with nutrients and high in Omega-3 content. This dish will support your healthy life-style and, since it’s low in carbohydrates, you can ask for seconds, guilt-free!


Another benefit to consuming super foods (which many of these recipes include) is that they are known to elevate your mood. You will certainly feel healthier after enjoying these recipes and chances are, you’ll feel just a bit happier!