10 Health Benefits of Avocados

10 healthy reasons why you should eat avocados


Avocados sometimes get a bad rap for their high fat content. But the reality is that avocados are actually really good for you — they are so good, in fact, that they are considered to be one of the venerable superfoods. Superfoods contain several nutrients that are essential to your health, and will help improve your overall wellness in a variety of ways.

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Avocados contain many important nutrients, including folate, monounsaturated fat, beta-sitosterol, vitamin B, and lutein. But what does that mean health-wise? It means that avocado can be responsible for protecting the body against diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and certain cancers, and can also contribute to heart health, a healthy brain, healthy eyes, and lower blood sugar and blood pressure. These components have also been shown to aid with inflammation, aging, and digestion.


You can reap the benefits of avocados by eating them in salads, putting them in your sandwich, or making them into something fun and interesting like a guacamole or spread. Some hardcore avocado lovers even eat them whole with a spoon. No matter how you’re getting your fix, you’ll also be getting the health benefits.