10 Foods That Promote Bone Health

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Healthy bones are crucial for overall good health

These foods are easy ways to add vitamin D and calcium to your diet.

Maintaining healthy and strong bones is important for your overall health. In addition to exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, there are certain foods you can eat that promote good bone health. We spoke with Dr. Selene Parekh, a specialist in orthopedic care, who compiled a list of the top foods for healthy bones.

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According to Dr. Parekh, "Our bones are critical to our general health. Not only do our bones support our entire body, but the bones also serve as a reservoir for many nutrients critical for our bodies to function well. Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic that is affecting people throughout the globe, [and] vitamin D and calcium are two of the most critical components to healthy bones. Many of the foods that are recommended for promoting bone health focus on maximizing calcium and vitamin D intake."

The foods listed, Dr. Parekh tells us, "are easy, quick ways to add vitamin D and calcium to your diet. These two items are critical to bone health. Up until our early 20s, men and women both increase the density of bone in the body. However, into our middle and later years, we slowly lose the amount of minerals and density of our bone. It is during this time more than ever that a well-balanced diet, which includes adequate calcium and vitamin D, is critical."

Try to incorporate some of these foods into your daily diet to ensure that you’re getting the vitamins and nutrients required for healthy bones. 

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