10 Favorite Rum Cocktails

From classic cocktails to tasty frozen drinks, here are recipes to inspire your next tipple

Tuesday August 16th is National Rum Day so we thought it only appropriate to celebrate by sharing 10 of our favorite rum-based cocktails with you this week.

From tasty blended drinks to classics like the Mojito or the Dark & Stormy, there's no shortage of ways to indulge in this fine spirit. 


Cruzan Confusion

Thusly named because the packs-a-punch combination of Cruzan rums can leave you a little dizzy in the head if you're not careful.


Basil-Strawberry Rum-Ade

The fresh combination of strawberries and basil make this a perfect summer cooler.


Rum Fix

Described by creator Dan Sabo as "the Swiss Army knife" of cocktails, this drink straddles the apéritif-digestif line — the bitterness of the Campari hits you first, followed by the mellow sweetness of the aged rum and crème de cacao.


Urban Summer Cocktail

D.C. mixologist Ronald Flores was inspired by marjoram he had growing in his garden when creating this drink. The taste of this rum-based concoction matches the wonderful aroma. 


Pineapple Mojito

Add to the classic Mojito's tropical flair by mixing in a splash of pineapple juice.