10 Facts About Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone knows Thin Mints are the most popular cookie, but did you know the rest of these facts?

Let's just all agree that Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout cookies, followed shortly by Samoas. Beyond that, however, there are plenty of unknown facts about everyone's favorite do-gooder cookies.

For example? Two hundred million boxes are sold every year. Thanks-A-Lot cookies come in five languages, while shortbreads are the longest-running cookies (definitely a classic). As for the lost ones along the way? There have been 30 discontinued flavors since the Girl Scouts began selling cookies (during World War II, they sold calendars instead of cookies due to sugar, flour, and butter rations). Wonder if they have a flavor graveyard, too.

Watch below for visualizations of all the things you didn't know about Girl Scout cookies, then start figuring out where to get a couple of boxes. We'd like to stockpile some Thin Mints in our freezer for the off-season. Meanwhile, 4.5 million cookies are baked a day during peak season, all of which are kosher, and a few of which are vegan. As for the national record of most boxes sold by one Girl Scout? 17,328. Get it girl.