10 European Fast Food Chains You'll Have to Travel to Enjoy

Which fast-food chains in Europe haven’t made the jump across the pond?

Many fast food restaurants are big in Europe but haven't made it to America yet.

Whether it’s a good or a bad thing, America leads the world when it comes to fast-food chains. There are more homegrown franchises here than anywhere else. But that doesn’t mean that other countries can’t take a bite out of the global fast-food industry.

Although you’ll see a lot of McDonald’s, KFCs, and Starbucks in Europe, and all over the world, there are still several successful European fast-food chains that can’t be found in America.

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From Spain to Norway to Russia, there are many fast-food restaurants such as Telepizza (which features pizzas with strange toppings such as corn and tuna), and Teremok (which serves blinis, pancakes made from buckwheat flour served with sour cream) that locals love, perhaps even more than our beloved American chains. 

If you find yourself at one of these chains the next time that you’re in Europe, expect European tastes with an American-style service twist. After all, since you can’t get it in the States, it’s still a cultural experience. 


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