10 Do-Ahead Breakfasts

Tips for making breakfast an easy, no-fuss meal
10 Do-Ahead Breakfasts


Muffins make a delicious make-ahead breakfast for early risers on the go.

Breakfast may very well be the most important meal of the day, but few of us give it the attention it deserves. Our first meal should be an intentional one that gives us the energy we need to focus and work throughout the day, but far too often, our best efforts are left behind in favor of a quick bowl of cereal, a hurried fast-food sandwich, or worse — no breakfast at all. With a little planning, we can have the best of both worlds: a delicious, almost-instant breakfast that fuels us up without consuming our already rushed morning. Pick one day, like Sunday, to do the preparation for your breakfasts during the week. You'll thank yourself when you reach for a healthy homemade meal on your way out the door each day.

All of these recipes can be made ahead of time and require only minor assembly in the morning. With only a pour, spread, or reheat, they can all be ready to eat in a couple of minutes, and most can even be packed in Tupperware the night before and brought to work to save extra time. Keep staples on hand like milk, yogurt, and fruit to round out the meal in the morning. Consider other time-saving tips such as chopping nuts the night before, hard-boiling eggs and storing them for the week, and pre-portioning granola or yogurt toppings. Any muffin, bread, or breakfast pastry can be frozen and thawed overnight in the fridge, then warmed up for a minute in the oven. Breakfast doesn't have to be stressful, and with these recipes and tips, you may never venture down the cereal aisle again.


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