10 Delicious Ways to Drink Yourself Skinny

Drinking can actually be a rewarding aspect of the weight loss process if you just drink the right way
10 Delicious Ways to Drink Yourself Skinny

Drinks like low-calorie margaritas are one of the best ways to get satisfaction without the guilt.

You’ve probably already heard the age-old notion that drinking water will help you lose weight, and while that’s on our list of ways to drink yourself skinny, there are also plenty of other ways to fill yourself up with liquids without sticking to boring old water. Drinking yourself skinny doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re drinking low-calorie alcoholic drinks (although that’s always fun); rather, it means drinking beverages that will help to fill you up so that you don’t feel deprived during the dog days of a diet.

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"You pack on a few of those extra pounds because you’re staying up later and drinking more beer" One of the worst parts about dieting is how deprived you can feel of some of the essential aspects of your old diet (like wine and beer). Sticking with low-calorie beer and drinking less red wine might be essential in cutting back the calories, but it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in adult beverages from time to time. But remember that the key to successful weight loss is balance — for example, if you’re going to head out for a big night on Friday where the beer is going to be flowing like wine, then perhaps it’s a good idea to stock up on some of the nonalcoholic options that we suggest, like low-sodium vegetable juice, earlier in the day. Vegetable juice, while sometimes high in calories, can actually replace some of the snacking that you're used to doing. The drink is also high in vitamins D and C and can offer you your daily dose of vegetables, which is necessary for the weight loss process.

If we’re being honest, it should probably be mentioned that drinking any kind of alcohol at all isn’t going to be good for your weight loss goal. Consider the college drinking theory — you don’t gain your entire "Freshman 15" because of greasy dorm food. You pack on a few of those extra pounds because you’re staying up later and drinking more beer than you did when you were in high school (hopefully). However, if you don't want to do away with booze altogether, drinking in moderation and consuming lower-calorie drinks might make a considerable difference on the scale.

Drinking empty calories is never the way to lose weight, but we came up with a few low-cal drinks that are sure to help you shed some pounds if you’re eager to keep drinking, as well as a few other drinks that will help curb those cravings and fill you up to avoid snacking and overeating. Weight loss is never easy, but following the golden rule of eating better and exercising more will be sure to lead you to success every time — but we’ve also added a few drinking shortcuts to help you get there.

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