The 17 Most Awesome Ice Cube Trays

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There's no easier way to spice up your drink than with uniquely shaped ice cubes
Sizing Up Your Ice Cubes

Saxon + Parole's Naren Young explains the reasoning behind the big ice phenomenon and how you can do it at home


As the icicles melt away outside, our drinks are looking a bit forlorn — the days of spiced cocktails, hot chocolate, and warming drinks are coming to an end as we look forward to the ice-cold drinks of spring and summer. And the best way to jazz up your iced drinks, whether a mocktail or cocktail, is with a fun shaped ice cube. 

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What we're loving are the quirky, cool, and often hilarious ice cube trays that keep us feeling young and fresh. More often than not, you'll find an ice cube tray to meet every personality. Food lover? Try a fish-bone ice cube. Music lover? Freeze an hip-hop-homage ice cube (dollar signs and all).  Star Wars junkie? A whiskey sphere that replicates the Death Star. Pick your poison, there's an ice cube for all. And while we're sure we'd love a Jaws-inspired shark fin looming in our vodka cranberries, these ice cubes are just as much for kids' delight as well. After all, why eat alphabet soup when you can slurp on alphabet ice cubes

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A little bit of ice can transform your drink from a dud to something fun, so toss out the whiskey rocks (after all, your Scotch needs a bit of water anyways) and try something new. Click ahead to see some of our favorites from the Web.