10 Classic Summer Sandwich Recipes

Which sandwich spells summer for you? Here are our 10 favorites

There's something about these sandwiches that spells summer to us.

Along with so many other things that are definitively summer, sandwiches are summertime dishes that really get our mouths watering. Whether they use seasonal produce like juicy, plump tomatoes, like in a classic BLT, or highlight summer seafood like lobster like in a lobster roll, a sandwich is a dish that can really scream summer depending on what kind it is, and we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite to celebrate their beautiful simplicity.

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Sandwiches aren’t just simple and delicious creations, but they’ve been a staple of our diets for years and years. John Montagu, otherwise known as The Earl of Sandwich, and his cook may deserve credit for helping sandwiches become mainstream, but variations of the concept date back much farther. Farm laborers in rural France ate meat between sliced bread, and it is thought that the sandwich may have started even earlier than that. Now, serious chefs and cookbook authors are putting their own twists on the humble sandwich, and it’s come a long way from those schoolyard days of packed peanut butter and jellies and funky tuna melts.

Inspired by the flavors of summer, like fresh seafood, tangy lemon, and fried favorites, we’ve pulled a list of our favorite sandwiches, and have found some of the most delicious and easy recipes for them. From the nearly gourmet lobster roll to the basic BLT, a summer sandwich is a pretty special thing, so grab your favorite loaf of bread and get ready to whip up some drool-worthy creations. 


This article was originally published on July 22, 2013.