10 Best Wedding Cake Scenes in Movies

With these movies you can have your cake and eat it too

Jason Segel takes a bite into cake tasting during the film "The Five-Year Engagement."

Every wedding has something that makes it a signature event. For one bride it could be all about the dress. For the next, the most important aspect could be the music. And then there are the weddings that revolve around the food. From appetizers to hors d'oeuvres, some nuptials put a great deal of importance on what is around to eat. While you may have a supreme steak or excellent finger foods on your big day, there is no wedding food more important than the wedding cake.

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Wedding cakes these days can cost upward of $1,000. They can be robed in fondant or adorned with real flowers. Perhaps they are a towering pile of cupcakes or mini cakes. No matter how you slice it, the wedding cake is one thing people don't forget — and it isn't just because of the taste. The wedding cake is more than just a confectionery work of art, it is an experience the entire wedding party remembers, whether the bride and groom tenderly feed each other bites or smash it in their beloved's face. That personal connection to the confection is why we remember any movie scene that features a wedding cake. 


In movies, wedding cakes tend to steal the spotlight. They can sing, much like the adorable cake from Muppets Take Manhattan, or be flung across the room in a raucous food fight. The cake may be too beautiful to ignore, much like the fantastic elephant cake in Rachel Getting Married. The thing is, a wedding cake is something to remember, be it in real life or in the movies. Check out these classic cinematic cake scenes that you certainly never forgot.