10 Best High-End Restaurants for Delivery and Takeout

Which high-end restaurants do takeout and delivery?

Sweatpants as an acceptable form of dress, no 40-minute wait times, and much cheaper wine and spirits are among the joys of eating restaurant meals at home. Plus, there's the ability to sit on your couch and watch your favorite television show. But sometimes regular take-out staples like pad thai and pizza just aren’t enough.

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Sometimes you want to splash out even if you're not eating out. And when you're inspired to splurge, why not call up the fanciest restaurant in town and order your favorite dish? In New York City, there is an entire population of people whose refrigerators contain nothing more than an onion and a half-full bottle of ketchup. These are the kinds of people prone to doing just that. 

While many high-end restaurants shudder at the thought of not providing the full theatrical experience in their own establishments, quite a few are willing to do takeout because it’s good for business. They can make money without having to turn over a table, though it's true that most of them are more apt to let you pick it up rather than deliver to your door.

The best part? No dishes. From a “deluxe truck stop” in Napa Valley and a national steakhouse chain to a seafood restaurant in Texas, here are 10 picks for the top restaurants that offer some of the country's best takeout or delivery.