10 Best Pinterest Boards for Table Décor

Collages from the social network that are ripe with inventive table settings ideas
Table Settings Ideas

Table Settings Ideas

Inspiration comes in many forms, and with the rise of Pinterest, visual inspiration is now so easily uploadable. The openness of the new social network means that users can follow anyone with admirable collage skills and a symbiotic aesthetic, therefore tripling the chance to see that one perfect image (or 100 images) that pulls together a great palette and original details that will make your guests wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" With a little inspiration and a DIY can-do attitude, it’s possible that the perfect tablescape for an upcoming celebration is finally within reach.

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Like many Pinterest boards, these 10 are feasts for the eyes, and they offer a range of sources and styles for stunning holiday centerpieces, cute table decorations for kids’ parties, gorgeous wedding reception place settings, and everything in between. These particular users have demonstrated a great eye for creative ideas and one-of-a-kind details, and their many followers show that we’re not the only ones watching what these tastemakers pin up.