10 Best Pick-Your-Own Apple Orchards

Enjoy local produce, drink wine, and attend festivals at these great orchards
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A visit to New York's Mead Orchards to learn the ins and outs of making fresh apple cider


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These 10 orchards around the country give visitors the chance to bite into fresh-from-the-tree apples and much more.

Fall is here. The air is crisper, the leaves are starting to turn, and gorgeous foliage complemented by mild temperatures makes it ideal weather for apple-picking. It’s an ideal way to connect with nature — the words farm-to-table come to life when you bite into an apple that you plucked straight from the tree. There’s also nothing like bringing home a bag of fruit that you gathered to make you feel like you’ve really accomplished something — especially if you plan on baking the apples into a pie later. And not to mention that apples are tasty and have health benefits to boot.

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Apple-picking is an ideal outing for many. Bring your kids, friends, and if they’re allowed, pets, as you soak up the natural splendor that surrounds you. Plus, many of our featured orchards offer more than just the chance to pick your own fruit. Expect to hear live bluegrass music on some weekends. Participate, or just watch, pie-eating contests. Get lost in a maze. Take a hayride to the orchard. Enjoy fresh-baked apple pies and cider. And even see antique tractor plows at one New Hampshire orchard. The activities are endless, and chances are, you’ll make some delicious fall memories. 

To compile this slideshow of 10 great apple-picking spots across the United States, The Daily Meal gathered lists of top orchards from local publications and determined which ones offered visitors unique experiences. From Vermont to Oregon, these are the places throughout the country that give visitors the chance to bite into fresh-from-the-tree apples and so much more.

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