10 Best Food Moments in Comedy

The greatest hits of food-related stand-up
Jerry Seinfeld - Best Food Moments in Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld - Best Food Moments in Comedy

Haven’t you ever eaten a Hot Pocket and thought, Ugh, why’d I do that? A lot of the best moments in stand-up are observations or stories that nearly everyone can relate to. If there’s a role that comedians play in society, other than comic relief, it’s to point out our foibles and show us how ridiculous they are. The food and drink world, it seems, is especially ripe (sorry, pun intended) for searing social commentary.

Take milk, for example, a topic that Chris Rock and Lewis Black both get heated about. In a bit about overconsumption, when Chris Rock asks, “Do you think anybody in Rwanda has got lactose intolerance?” he’s not making fun of those living a dairy-free life out of neccessity, he’s pointing out how picky us lucky Americans have gotten. Meanwhile, Lewis Black takes aim at the way shifting science reports have made Americans overly anxious about things like milk.

Though soy milk drinkers may not relate to his "soy juice" tirade, his extreme outrage, classic Lewis Black grouchiness, is still hilarious. It’s all in the delivery. Sure, those wax-covered Mini Babybel cheeses are delicious, but as Sarah Silverman demonstrates, her extreme passion for them is literally hysterical — as in the insane kind of hysteria. Check out these 10 comedians’ take on food and drink, but a word of caution: These tricks aren’t for kids. Some videos contain strong language; however, we’ve chosen the bleeped-out versions in most cases.

Aziz Ansari, Cold Stone Creamery

It seems like a harmless neighborhood ice cream store right? But in a moment of comic inspiration, Aziz Ansari calls Cold Stone Creamery the “epitome of American excess and greed.”


Jim Gaffigan, Hot Pocket

Anyone who’s craved, eaten, and then regretted the microwaveable junk food can relate to Jim Gaffigan’s rant about this “white trash” favorite.