10 Best Apps for Hungry Travelers

Phone apps to satisfy the hungry and thirsty while on the road

Chocoholic Traveler iTunes App Store

In January, Apple’s App Store hit 10 billion downloads after only two and a half years in business. Besides those who like to slingshot birds at pigs on their iPhones, another group that has benefitted from this recent explosion is hungry (and thirsty) travelers. In a few clicks, anyone with

a smartphone can reserve a table with ease, locate a happy hour around the corner, or track down an elusive food truck wherever they go. 

Apps give travelers the ability to store a shelf’s worth of guidebooks in their own pocket-sized library. But, with nearly half a million choices out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth it. So we’re here to share ten apps that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for while on the road.

Start by going where the locals go. The Local Eats app lists the best locally-owned restaurants in 50 cities (and counting.) Or, for those willing to make a pilgrimage in search of dishes seen on national television, the Food TV Maps app aggregates restaurant recommendations from top Food Network and Discovery Channel programs. The Foodspotting app goes beyond text-based reviews and uses images to show the best dishes in any given neighborhood.

 To make life easier, it calculates the distance needed to travel from one’s current location to the particular restaurant.  

Most apps are either free or less than a buck, and are perfectly suited to the traveler who wants to stay well informed, well fed, and well hydrated. Check out our list of apps and be sure to recommend any of your own.

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