10 Best Airline Meals in Europe

Nikos Loukas, founder of InFlightFeed, shares the best pre-order airline meals he has eaten inflight

inflight meals

My fascination with airline meals began a long time ago. Like many, I am intrigued by the little trays the flight attendants serve us during the flight. My friends, however, think my fascination with this subject matter is a little like Alex Forrest (you know, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction).

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So recently I decided to take just over 20 flights across Europe to sample all the pre-order and buy on board meals which are available for purchase before or during your flight. Some days I flew up to four sectors a day, breakfast on Iberia, lunch on easyJet, and dinner on airBaltic was a normal day for me.

Why did I do this trip? Well, I wanted to know what was out there, and since I run InFlightFeed, a website all about pre-order and buy on board airline food, I thought it would be best to go out and sample the offerings. My friends (the Fatal Attraction ones) thought I was crazy and never thought I would make it, but I survived and live to tell the tale of the man that ate his way across Europe covering 20,000km and consuming a large number of calories along the way!

So what has been your favorite inflight meal? Leave your comments below or re-pin your favorite airline meal photos on The Daily Meal’s Pinterest board.

So out of the meals that I ate, here are my top 10 Best Airline Meals in Europe (in no particular order). Enjoy.

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