1 Percent Tipper Was a Hoax

Well, that's annoying

The Offending Receipt

This is good news, we think. The Smoking Gun has reported that the sad 1 percent tipper is a hoax, and that a representative from the Newport Beach, Calif., restaurant says the merchant copy of the receipt shows a $33.54 bill and a $7 tip.

In the meantime, FutureExBanker on Twitter (and the blog) are now MIA. Jami Reagan, a representative for True Food Kitchen, sent out a response via email saying, "The dining receipt that was originally posted on the blog, Future ExBanker, and then republished by various web sites, was, in fact, altered and exaggerated. We’d also like to assure people that the receipt was not posted and altered by anyone on behalf of True Food Kitchen."

Reagan also told The Smoking Gun that the real receipt didn't have the "Get a Real Job" tip.