grocery items you should make

Grocery Items You Should Stop Buying and Just Make Instead

Many of these store-bought items are cheaper and healthier to DIY

Everyone wishes they could shave a few extra dollars off of their grocery bill every now and then. But not everyone knows exactly what they can do to cut back. There are, of course, hacks like buying store brands and meal planning to save money. But lots of people are wasting cash on pre-made items that could actually be better made at home.

Grocery Items You Should Stop Buying and Just Make Instead

In addition to cutting costs, DIY-ing these items can actually help you eat healthier. Many pre-made and packaged versions of foods can come with extra additives and less nutritional value than ones you might make yourself. Companies add in food colorings and dyes to make their products stand out visually on the shelf. Sometimes, these companies also add preservatives and other chemicals to make their products last longer.

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By making your own grocery items, you can avoid these unnecessary ingredients and save money. And it’s easier to do that than you might think. You don’t have to be a wizard in the kitchen to conquer any of these simple recipes. In fact, many of the items on this list don’t require an actual recipe at all. With a little know-how and some pantry staples, you can avoid buying all of these items and just make them instead.