Best-Tasting (and Healthiest) Bottled Iced Teas Slideshow

In honor of National Iced Tea Month, we take a closer look at the teas you’re drinking

Iced Tea no. 4: Snapple


Coming in last place is Snapple Lemon Tea. Described as "very concentrated throughout" and having a "weird plastic taste" by our tasters, the tea didn’t make it too high on our list. Although the word "fishy" was used to describe the taste by one editor, other tasters said this product was the "most like tea." Controversial in its flavor, Snapple Lemon Tea comes in with the highest amount of calories per serving: 150. However, this brand also had the largest serving size, at 16 fluid ounces. 

Sample Tasting Notes:

“natural,” “bitter” “most like tea” “very concentrated throughout” “weird plastic taste” “fishy” “woody”

Iced Tea no. 3: AriZona


The AriZona Iced Tea with Lemon flavor didn’t fare so well with most of our tasters, but it did please a few of them, who described it as "crisp" and "lemony." If you want to stay away from sugar, however, perhaps move onto a new choice. AriZona Iced Tea topped our list as the iced tea with the most sugar per serving: 24 grams per 8 ounces.

Sample Tasting Notes:

“crisp, “ “lemony” “bit too acidic” “nice honey note but still artificial” “tastes like instant tea” “weird/some aftertaste” 

Iced Tea no. 2: Lipton

Lipton might not have made number one in our taste test, but if you’re counting calories, this is the iced tea for you. Many of the editors defined this sample by its sweetness. Oddly enough, though, Lipton Lemon Iced Tea had the least amount of sugar per serving in our test group. 

Sample Tasting Notes:

“interesting aftertaste” “super sugary” “really sweet” “tart” “too much lemon, can barely taste tea”

Iced Tea no. 1: Nestea

Ranked number one by our editors, Nestea Lemon Iced Tea had the perfect balance of "sweet" and "lemony" flavor. Leaving the drinker with "no bad aftertaste," this sample had 9 more grams of sugar than Lipton, but 35 less milligrams of sodium.

Sample Tasting Notes

“overly sweet” “no bad aftertaste” “sweet, lemony”