Easter Recipes That Aren't Ham

Forget that tired old ham and try these Easter dinners instead


Hate ham? Don't feel the need to eat it this Easter. Try these dishes instead!

When it comes to Easter dinner, the centerpiece protein in the United States is pretty much always ham. Salty, slightly smoked, and glazed with brown sugar, ham is a budget-friendly and delicious meat that suits most palates — but not all palates.

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Whether you’re simply not a fan of ham or want to shake up your routine this Easter Sunday, know that there are plenty of alternative main courses for a bountiful Easter feast that are filled with beautiful flavors, are stunning to look at, and are appropriate for this early spring holiday.

From a simple roast chicken fit for a large family to a decadent pistachio-crusted rack of lamb to vegetarian-friendly seasonal dishes, if you’re looking to move beyond ham, know you have options. We combed through The Daily Meal’s massive database of recipes to find beef, duck, turkey, fish, and pasta dishes that will make for a wonderful Easter feast.