Super Bowl LII


52 Things You Need to Do Before Super Bowl LII

Getting ready for the Super Bowl, especially as a host, is no small feat

Listen, Super Bowl LII is less than two weeks away. Much like how NFL players and Super Bowl halftime performers get ready for months leading up to the big game, there’s a lot to do to prepare as a football fan.

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Putting together a Super Bowl party may seem like one of the easiest things to do. You order some pizzas, pick up a 12-pack of beer from your closest convenience store, text some buddies, make sure you’ve paid your cable bill, and that’s it. Or it it?

In order to have the ultimate game day party and experience, you have to put in the work. You need to get your house watch party ready by cleaning it and potentially preparing for overnight guests. And because no Super Bowl party is complete without food, you need to curate the perfect party menu with fried appetizers, dips, sliders, and barbecue. In preparation for Super Bowl LII, when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots, we’ve broken down every single thing you need to do this year to get game day ready. Don’t believe us? Click here for the 52 things you need to do before Super Bowl LII.