All the Wing Recipes You Could Ever Want for Super Bowl Sunday

Get ready for Super Bowl LI with the perfect wing recipe

All the Wing Recipes You Could Ever Want for Super Bowl Sunday

During Super Bowl 50, viewers reportedly consumed about 1.3 billion chicken wings tossed with Buffalo, barbecue, Korean, jerk, and every other sauce imaginable. We’re here to tell you how to get ready for a repeat for Super Bowl LI!

If you’re watching at home, there’s no need to miss out on restaurant- or stadium-quality chicken wings; all you need is the right recipe.

This collection of wing recipes has options to not only fry the wings but also grill, smoke, slow-cook, and bake wings to suit your location, time frame, and preference; the only important thing is that you serve up some big-time flavor.

We are kicking off this roundup with a recipe for the ultimate classic: Buffalo wings. The original version of Buffalo wings was first served at Anchor Bar restaurant in Buffalo, New York (although some people credit John Young, a restaurant owner in the area, for serving the fried wings first). You can actually buy Anchor Bar’s signature sauce online, but fun fact: The not-so-secret ingredient in great Buffalo sauce is Frank’s RedHot hot sauce.

Ultimate Buffalo Wings

Ultimate Buffalo Wings


No matter how you put it, it doesn't get any better than a classic Buffalo wing. This is the ultimate wing recipe, giving you that hot, buttery, and crispy goodness you crave.

For the Ultimate Buffalo Wings recipe, click here. 

Chicken Wings With Honey-Teriyaki Glaze

Chicken Wings With Honey-Teriyaki Glaze

Maryse Chevriere

These wings are marinated in a sweet-and-spicy sauce that is later reduced to make a delectable glaze for the crispy, tender wings. You can marinate them anywhere from two hours to a day, or, inversely, you can simply bake the wings drizzled with olive oil and then toss the finished product in the thickened glaze.

For the Chicken Wings With Honey-Teriyaki Glaze recipe, click here.

Chipotle Wings

These wings get a flavorful kick of spice by combining barbecue sauce with puréed chipotle peppers. 

For the Chipotle Wings recipe, click here.

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings


America’s favorite soda can do more than satisfy your thirst and unclog your sink. The liquid reduces into a rich and flavorful syrup, which makes it an ideal marinade for foods like chicken and pork.

For the Coca-Cola Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings

Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings

Francesca Borgognone

These cheesy wings are baked in the oven until cooked through. Then, they’re broiled to earn an extra crispy exterior. 

For the Crispy Garlic Parmesan Wings recipe, click here.

Five-Spice Chicken Wings

Chinese Five Spice and other delicious aromatic flavors infuse these wings, which are then baked in the oven and drizzled with lime juice.

For the Five-Spice Chicken Wing recipe, click here.

Garlic-Miso Chicken Wings

Here, tender wings are coated in a delicious combination of garlic, miso, soy sauce, and mirin. 

For the Garlic-Miso Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Grilled Firewalker Wings

These wings pack a spicy punch. It’s advised that you have plenty of ice-cold beer on hand to soothe your taste buds from the sriracha and sambal combo that is sure to set them ablaze.

For the Grilled Firewalker Wings recipe, click here.

Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings

These wings are coated with Caribbean jerk seasonings mixed with barbecue sauce, mustard, brown sugar, and ginger.

For the Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Harissa Wings With Cucumber and Yogurt

Chicken is rubbed in a spicy and powerful harissa sauce (make homemade with this recipe!) and then is paired with English cucumbers and yogurt to tame the heat.

For the Harissa Wings With Cucumber and Yogurt recipe, click here.

Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings

To make this sauce, spicy brown mustard is mixed with sweet honey, turmeric, lemon juice, and butter.

For the Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings

Chef Randy Clemens, author of The Sriracha Cookbook, recommends you pair these wings with a hoppy IPA beer; the honey in the wings gives a perfect sweetness that foils the bitterness of the hops beautifully. 

For the Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings recipe, click here.

John Legend’s Fried Chicken Wings With Spicy Honey Butter

Straight out of Chrissy Teigen’s best-selling cookbook, Cravings, these crispy, finger-licking wings boast stand-out flavor thanks to using seasoned salt in both the brine and the breading. 

For John Legend’s favorite wings recipe, click here.

Korean Barbecue Wings

Korean Barbecue Wings


Executive chef Andy Choi of Cherry in New York City puts his own spin on chicken wings by creating a spicy sauce made with red pepper paste and bacon fat drippings. 

For the Korean Barbecue Wings recipe, click here.

Kung Pao Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are coated in a rich flour batter before deep-frying. When cooked, they are tossed with a sweet and spicy Kung Pao-inspired sauce, then topped with chopped peanuts, cilantro, and scallions and served with a cool buttermilk ranch sauce.

For the Kung Pao Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Maple Chipotle Chicken Wings

Keep your hungry crowd satiated and happy with these maple- and chipotle-flavored wings. 

For the Maple Chipotle Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Mario Batali’s Big Game Wings

If you like your wings hot, check out his recipe by master chef Mario Batali for Tabasco and you can’t go wrong.

For Mario Batali’s Big Game Wings recipe, click here.

New Orleans-Style Blackened Chicken Wings

New Orleans-Style Blackened Chicken Wings

Yasmin Fahr

Just a little blackened seasoning and olive oil are all it takes to make these delicious wings.

For the New Orleans-Style Blackened Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

One-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings

Food celebrity Andrew Zimmern’s go-to wings are Asian-inspired with a sauce made of anise, soy, sake, ginger, and chile. Then, his wings are sautéed in a pan on the stove.  

For Andrew Zimmern’s 1-Pot Sticky Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Simple Chicken Wings

The flavor on these guys comes from the marinade rather than a drippy sauce that gets all over your fingers and face. 

For the Simple Chicken Wings recipe, click here.


Slow-Cooker Buffalo Wings

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Wings


Put your slow-cooker to work and gently braise your wings to perfection. When you’re ready to eat, place your wings under the broiler to crisp up the edges.  

For the Slow-Cooker Buffalo Wings recipe, click here.

Smoked Chicken Wings

These wings are submerged in a flavorful brine for 12 hours then smoked for an hour and a half. To finish, they are grilled to get charred and crispy.

For the Smoked Chicken Wings recipe, click here.

Spicy Cajun Hot Wings

Spicy Cajun Hot Wings

Maryse Chevriere

Grab a bottle of Cajun seasoning and a bottle of Frank’s RedHot and go to town.

For the Spicy Cajun Hot Wings recipe, click here.

Spicy Grilled Wings

Spicy Grilled Wings


Cooking wings directly over the fire gets the skin crispy without deep-frying. 

For the Spicy Grilled Wings recipe, click here.

Tequila-Lime Wings

This recipe adds a bit of Southwestern flair to make the wings tangy and citrusy. The chicken is marinated with fresh lime juice, tequila, and jalapeños, and is then grilled to flavorful perfection.

For the Tequila-Lime Wings recipe, click here.