37 Tourist Trap Restaurants That Locals Eat At Too

When you're a tourist in a new city, it can be hard to know where to eat. You know the locals have their favorite spots, but even with the help of the Internet, finding those holes in the wall, specialty restaurants, and hidden gems can be impossible. So, of course, you default to the most famous restaurants, the spots in bustling, busy neighborhoods, and standbys.

37 Tourist Trap Restaurants That Are Actually Really Good

And, yes, some of those places are overpriced, overly busy eateries with bland food and crappy service. But for every spot like that, you're going to find iconic restaurants with charming atmospheres, great views, a friendly waitstaff, and incredible food. These places may be touristy, but make no mistake: Locals eat here too.

From a small chili joint in Washington, D.C., to one of the most famous doughnut shops in the United States, these 37 "tourist trap" restaurants earn their bustling crowds and destination restaurant status. What place is worth visiting in your next vacation spot? Keep reading to find out.