The Best Restaurants in New York City

These 24 restaurants are the Big Apple’s best

Jean Georges is the flagship of renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

Every year since 2011, we’ve set out to identify the 101 best restaurants in America, and one city has always found itself with more entries than any other. You guessed it: New York. This year, 24 restaurants from the five boroughs made the ranking, and they represent the best fine-dining The Big Apple has to offer.

The Best Restaurants in New York City (Slideshow)

If you’ve encountered one of our previous rankings, you probably know that our methodology for assembling our annual list is anything but arbitrary. This year, we started with a “shortlist” of about 700 restaurants from around the country (76 of which were in New York City), and we reached out to hundreds of restaurant experts of various stripes around the country and asked them to vote for their favorites. Here are the results. 

The task of choosing our nation's best restaurants — as our panelists would surely tell you — becomes more difficult every year, because the number of excellent places to eat continues to grow. As our interest in, and appreciation of, good food continues to increase — as more great chefs train more younger good ones — fantastic food continues to spread across America. Exceptional culinary landscapes in big cities get better, while new and different dining scenes in every corner of the country are born, in turn attracting and inspiring more talented cooks. All this makes trying to rank the country’s best restaurants more and more challenging, but also more and more worthwhile and intriguing.


At the end of the day, however, it comes as no surprise that the highest concentration of America’s best restaurants would call New York City home. Read on for the 24 New York restaurants that made this year’s ranking of America’s 101 best, and for our separate ranking of New York's best steakhouses, click here.