Peter Luger Steak House

Row 1

178 Broadway (at Driggs Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7400
Mon–Thu: 11:45 AM–9:45 PM Fri–Sat: 11:45 AM–10:45 PM Sun: 12:45 PM–9:45 PM

To say Peter Luger Steakhouse is a New York institution is an understatement. It has been doing steak since 1887. The menu is simple. Single steak, steak for two, steak for three, or steak for four. In other words, how many people are you going with? Okay, so there's a little more selection than that, but the point here is high-quality, expertly-prepared steak, along with the famous house sauce, sliced tomato and onion salad, and of course, the celebrated thick-cut bacon appetizer. Many imitators, one original.  — Arthur Bovino, 2/17/2011


Because of this burger’s location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and its lunch-only appearance on the menu, out-of-town visitors are likely to have an easier time than New Yorkers experiencing one of New York City’s best burgers. There are no bells and whistles, but Peter Luger has been handling meat since 1887 and its rich, ½-pound Luger Burger made from porterhouse and prime chuck roll trimmings is worth New Yorkers figuring out how to sneak out of the office for a long lunch. Burgers are molded into a coffee cup, emptied onto the high-temperature broilers used for the restaurant’s steaks until they develop a dark crust, and then settled into a sesame-studded bun. For a few dollars more you can have cheese and thick-cut bacon, a bit more of a chewy affair, but either way, if the famed gruff waitstaff unsettled you when you sat down, you’ll have forgotten them after the first bite. Just make sure to arrive before 3:45 p.m. when they stop serving it. — Arthur Bovino

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This decidedly old-school steakhouse is a rite of passage for Wall Street traders willing to shell out $88 for the signature porterhouse for two. Lunch reservations are doable, but bring cash.
The Wall Street Journal
Wed, 05/12/2010 - 07:49
The porterhouse is the best steak in NYC, making our list of "The Tastes That Make the City: NYC Edition."
The Tastes that Make the City
Wed, 01/28/2015 - 11:49
Nothing better than a Luger steak on a Sunday night with hash browns. -Jill Zarin, Real Housewives of New York City
Wed, 01/27/2010 - 06:50
I crave the bacon with their special tomato sauce at least twice a week, a must-go to restaurants at least once in your life. If you're in Manhattan it's just a short train ride to Williamsburg. -Alex
Fri, 11/19/2010 - 06:32
Girls happened here. Jessa meets Thomas-John's parents at this steakhouse and regales the group with tales of her rehab-attending past.
Fri, 02/01/2013 - 03:20
Order the bacon.
Thu, 07/02/2009 - 11:45
Michael Psilakis can't resist the supersized slice of Sizzling Bacon from Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY on Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Find more tips at Food Network Local.
Food Network
Mon, 08/15/2011 - 12:01
Go on Saturday afternoon and try the burger. Its only $8 and its the freshest, tastiest burger.
The Corcoran Group
Thu, 04/22/2010 - 18:19
Our Readers' Choice WINNER for Best Steak. This steak house has stayed true to the food with prime cuts, marbled to pink perfection.
Wed, 07/07/2010 - 11:28
At lunch, Lugers serves a mean and tasty burger, topped with cheese and some of their amazing bacon if you like. - Inspector
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
Tue, 08/16/2011 - 13:33
One Michelin star.
La Dolce Vita
Wed, 12/21/2011 - 12:25
Porterhouse for two is their best steak, try the bacon, spinach and German potatoes too!
Mon, 02/15/2010 - 15:26
The best steak in all of New York City. Yes it's expensive and cash only. You have to make reservations far in advance but it will be the best steak you've ever had. The burgers are also fantastic.
New York Habitat
Fri, 10/21/2011 - 06:45
I eat next to mobsters; theyre all having meetings and sh*t while Im eating. I make the best steak ever, but this one is pretty damn close.
Theophilus London
Fri, 10/21/2011 - 15:20
A perennial favorite for residents and tourists alike, this traditional steakhouse has the best cuts and home fries around. Bring cash - no credit cards accepted here.
Tue, 08/24/2010 - 09:53
No New York experience is complete without a hunk of spectacular steak. No one brings it better than Peter Luger. No need to even ask for a menu! Just get a steak!
Louis Vuitton
Wed, 05/02/2012 - 08:49
The Porterhouse
Thu, 02/02/2012 - 18:02
To say Peter Luger Steak House is a New York institution isunderstatment. It has been doing steak since 1887.The menu is simple. Single steak, steak for two, steak for three, or steak for four.
The Daily Meal
Fri, 03/04/2011 - 05:43
We like to order the steak rare, or black and bluewith meat this good, rare is really the way to go. Good to know: they only accept cash, so bring a wad of it.
Fri, 02/10/2012 - 11:06
One of the best places for steak in the country.
Sun, 09/27/2009 - 22:44
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