Easy Grilling Recipes For Steak, Chicken, Pizza And More

One of life's simplest pleasures is cooking outdoors on the grill. Keep your stove off and fire up these 20 easy and satisfying recipes.

Morandi's Grilled Pizza-Style Focaccia

This simple grilled pizza recipe uses prosciutto and arugula, but you can top it however you choose. If you want to experiment with your pizza, consider these other great pizza night recipes.

For Morandi's Grilled Pizza-Style Focaccia recipe, click here.

Grilled Chicken Fajitas

If you're looking for a superb Mexican recipe, it doesn't get much simpler or much tastier than a classic grilled chicken fajita.

For the Grilled Chicken Fajita recipe, click here.

Steak Tacos

Or if grilled steak is more your style, have taco Tuesday any night of the week with these simple grilled steak tacos.

For the Grilled Steak Tacos recipe, click here.

Bacon-Infused Burger

What truly makes the best burger blend ever, you ask? Adding bacon into the ground beef.

For the Bacon-Infused Burger recipe, click here.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s Dino Jerk Sauce

Jazz up your bottled barbecue sauce with jalapenos, thyme, habaneros, brown sugar and a few other pantry staples. Pour over wings, grilled chicken, grilled pork or shrimp.

For the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's Dino Jerk Sauce recipe, click here.

Grilled Eggplant With Feta and Cucumber

One of the best vegetarian recipes around can be made on the grill. This simple grilled eggplant salad is great as a main course or a side.

For the Grilled Eggplant With Feta and Cucumber recipe, click here.

Sausage and Pepper Heroes

No summer is complete without at least a few sausage sandwiches reminiscent of a baseball game. This simple grilled sausage and peppers dish will help you recreate the ballpark in your own backyard.

For the Sausage and Pepper Heroes recipe, click here.

Grilled Bison Skirt Steak

Bison has a naturally rich flavor that is perfect for the grill. It's also leaner than beef and other meats, making it a healthy dinner option.

For the Grilled Bison Skirt Steak recipe, click here.

Lemon-Caper Grilled Chicken Recipe

When life gives you lemons, make this lemon-caper grilled chicken recipe for dinner, which can be prepped in a grill pan on the stove or on the grill itself.

For the Lemon-Caper Grilled Chicken recipe, click here.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s Spice Rub

A good rub is the key to perfect grilled ribs, and this one comes straight out of the kitchen from New York's Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

For Dinosaur Bar-B-Que's Spice Rub recipe, click here.

Grilled Chicken With Alabama White Sauce

Of all the regional barbecue styles out there, Alabama style, with its mayonnaise-based sauce, is one of the richest.

For the Grilled Chicken With Alabama White Sauce recipe, click here.

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Grilled vegetables go on top of grilled pizza dough for a double dose of char in this healthy yet irresistible grilled veggie pizza recipe.

For the Grilled Veggie Pizza recipe, click here.

Steak Skewers with Cherry BBQ Sauce

A cherry juice barbecue sauce adds a touch of sweetness and tartness to these savory steak skewers.

For the Steak Skewers with Cherry BBQ Sauce recipe, click here.

Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Doughnuts

These cinnamon sugar grilled doughnuts have two advantages: they're a quick and easy sweet treat and one of those desserts that can be made with five ingredients or fewer.

For the Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Doughnuts recipe, click here.

Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is one of those classic barbecue sides. It's so simple that you'll want to make it every night of the week once corn is in season.

For the Grilled Corn recipe, click here.

Greek Marinated Flank Steak with Tzatziki

Olive oil, mint and oregano give this flank steak recipe some Greek flair. Top it with tzatziki and serve with a cucumber salad for a great weeknight dinner.

For the Greek Marinated Flank Steak with Tzatziki recipe, click here.

Shrimp With Cilantro-Chili Sauce

Shrimp cooks on the grill in a matter of minutes, making for a quick yet healthy and delicious dinner. The cilantro-chili sauce adds the perfect kick.

For the Shrimp With Cilantro-Chili Sauce recipe, click here.