Marinades That Will Up Your Steak Game

Marinades are wonderful things. They have the ability to transform lower-quality cuts of meat into tasty bites full of flavor. If you don't want to fork over the cash needed to buy the more expensive cuts of steak, like filet mignon and rib-eye, go instead for more economical choices like skirt steak and sirloin. With the help of a good marinade and careful cooking, you will soon be plating up a delicious dish that will taste like a million dollars.

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A marinade can be treated like a salad dressing, whipped up in a flash by mixing your favorite pantry staples into a delicious flavor-boosting combination. If you aren't sure where to begin, never fear! We have 19 great recipes that can act as brilliant starting points for you marinating needs.

From Asian marinades full of sesame oil to Mexican preparations that make great use of dried chiles, you can travel the globe depending on what spices you choose to use. So if you are in a cooking rut, don't worry — look through these marvelous marinades and inject some serious flavor into your next steak dinner!